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Meet The Partners

Michael Pines began his legal career representing the insurance companies he now fights against for his clients. He learned from behind the scenes how insurance companies work and how they decide how much to pay injured people. Now that he works against insurance companies, Michael’s inside knowledge has resulted in significant benefits to his clients injured in car accidents.

Aaron Salomon specializes in litigating all aspects of personal injury and automobile accident cases. Aaron, a Louisiana native, attended Louisiana State University on a full academic scholarship and then graduated in the top of his class from California Western School of Law in 2005.

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  • San Diego’s Highest Reviewed Personal Injury Law Firm
  • We have won millions of dollars for our clients
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About The Firm

Practice Areas

The Pines Salomon team has over 25 years of experience. Our expert group of personal injury attorneys are the best in San Diego county, and have the track record to prove it. Our deep knowledge of the insurance industry and vast network of medical professionals make us your best option when it comes to compensation and recovery. We understand the landscape of personal injury and car accidents better than any other firm in San Diego. When you hire us, you can guarantee that your case is in good hands. We won’t stop working until you have received every ounce of compensation that you deserve.


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San Diego’s Most Reviewed Personal
Injury Law Firm

Petra Heim-Rollan

Michael Pines and his team have kept their promise.

Mr. Pines asked me whether I was in the same shape as before my accident – this I had to deny. My back was still hurting and he stated that, if I would accept his services, he would ensure that I would get the therapy I needed […] and that all bills would be paid and my health restored. Michael Pines and his team have kept this promise.

Herminio Salamante

I cannot say enough good things about my experience

My friend recommended Michael Pines to me and I was super happy. They took very good care of me, treated me very nice, and I got a very nice check. I had a lot of back pain and the doctor they referred me to helped me so much! I didn’t have to pay anything when I was getting treatment. I was so happy, that I’ve referred another friend to Michael pines.

Veronica Montes

Gracias Michael Pines y a todo su staff por su ayuda

En las oficinas del abogado Michael Pines recibi la ayuda que mas necesitaba cuando sufri mi accidente de automovil, todo el personal me ayudo con mucha pasiencia y respondio a todas mis dudas. Resolvieron mi caso muy rapido, me ayudaron con mi doctor y ahora puedo seguir con mi tranquilida. Gracias Michael Pines y a todo su staff por su ayuda.

Jacqui Murray

They truly put my interest first and were very sincere.

As soon as I met Mr. Pines my nerves immediately went away. He looked at my case and assured me that everything will be ok. I was sent to the best doctors who truly had my best interest in mind. All of the Attorneys and staff made my recovery stress free by not having to worry about paying for my treatment upfront.They were always there to answer my questions.

Vivian Finch

Michael worked non-stop, nothing deterred him

After falling on a cruise ship and being emergency evacuated to a hospital in Mexico, I was scared and needed help, especially because I am 89 years old. Michael worked non-stop, through the weekend, communicating internationally with stubborn insurance personnel who tried to put up roadblocks every step of the way.

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We’ ve won virtually every award and accolade in the business

Why Hire Pines Salomon Injury Lawyers?

Invested in Your Case

If you have been injured in a personal injury accident, timing is key. You need a lawyer who will work with you quickly and efficiently to understand the details of your case and uncover the liabilities that others have missed. Our team of attorneys will move fast and will leave no stone unturned. When we take on your case, you become more than just a client – you become family.

Competitive Advantage

No other firm in the county has the insider knowledge that we do. Our insights into the insurance industry are inherently integrated into our team’s work.  Our founder, Michael Pines, used to work as an insurance company attorney. He understands the ways that insurance companies attempt to withhold payment from victims. Now, he uses that understanding to represent the people. No other firm in San Diego has this edge over the insurance industry, but Mike Pines does.

The Best Reviews in San Diego and Beyond

The biggest testament to our success is our clients. Our video testimonials and ratings on Yelp, Google Reviews, Avvo, and SuperLawyers are our motivation to continue to fight for the people of San Diego. Our years of experience and the number of wins we’ve accrued are just one part of why you should hire us. Real-life validation from the clients we’ve served is the whole.

Millions Recovered

Our confidence does not come without merit. The Mike Pines team of attorneys has won millions of dollars in settlements and trials for our clients, and we have the reviews and accolades to prove it. Our history of success is proof that we can, and will, do everything that we can to recover your losses and get you the repayment that you need.

Power in Numbers

Good things happen when people work together. The team at Pines Salomon, APC are a cohesive team of talented lawyers who have worked on a variety of different types of cases. The nuances of a personal injury cases can be complex. Regardless of how simple or complex your case is, our collective team will be able to offer the expertise you need in order to win your case.

Nationally-Recognized Experts

Michael Pines and Aaron Salomon are nationally-recognized as San Diego’s top attorneys specializing in personal injury. They have been featured in multiple newspapers, magazines and online publications such as the San Diego Tribune, AARP, EHS Today, La Jolla Light, Del Mar News, and many more.

No Out-of Pocket Expenses

As a victim of a personal injury accident or car wreck, you may already be overwhelmed with the financial burden that you are having to endure. Our team is committed to easing your burden. When you hire our team of expert attorneys you can concentrate on recovery instead of worrying about more bills. Hiring us costs nothing – you only pay if we win your case.

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Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

You Need An Expert Who Can Get You The Highest Settlement Possible.

After a car accident, it can be overwhelming to think about having to take legal action against a responsible party. Oftentimes, car accident victims forego hiring a lawyer because they do not understand what is at stake or they think that the process of getting a lawyer will be too complicated. In reality, you run the risk of being taken advantage of by the insurance companies if you do not have legal representation. Hiring a talented personal injury attorney will ensure that you will not be a victim of underpayment and that you will receive the highest settlement possible for your case.

You Need To Get Your Life Back On Track.

Accidents happen at the worst times. No one can ever predict when a car accident will occur, and there is no way to be prepared for the medical bills, loss of work, and personal recovery that will be necessary after becoming the victim of an accident. Our attorneys have the tools needed to be able to calculate all aspects of your claim so that you are supported both now and in the future. We will work to make sure that an insurance company does not ignore the years of suffering that may result from your accident. We will remove the financial stress from your recovery and allow you to concentrate on what matters most – getting back to normal.

You Are Getting Pressure From The Insurance Company.

Insurance companies are skilled at protecting their bottom line. More often than not, insurance companies will deliberately underpay victims so that they can keep their profit margin intact. Our team of personal injury attorneys is up for the fight. We will work to ensure that the pressure from these companies is diffused and that you can get the compensation you deserve – without the unneeded hassle and annoyance that insurance companies will try to send your way.

The Insurance Company Says You Don’t Have A Claim.

Even worse than trying to underpay victims, insurance companies can try to dismiss claims entirely. Without a claim, they will not be responsible for any sort of repayment. Our lawyers can help, even if an insurance company has dismissed your claim. You may still have legal rights and can take your case to court so that you can seek restitution.

You Have Significant Damage To Your Vehicle Or Property.

Property damage is a natural aftereffect of a car accident. If your car or motorcycle has been totaled in an accident, a personal injury attorney will incorporate this loss into your claim and will be able get you the money you need to replace your vehicle.

How Does The Personal Injury Claims Process Work?

Action is taken against the responsible party

A Claim is Filed

The Defendants Respond to your Case

You may Receive Compensations

Many people have no idea how to file an insurance claim. The claims process can be daunting and the bureaucratic burden of paperwork can seem confusing and cumbersome. However, if you are seeking compensation for a personal injury, the first step towards getting compensation is filing a claim-and we can help. Here is a list of criteria that we will look at in order to confirm that you have a case:

AN INJURY TAKES PLACE. In order to file a personal injury claim, a personal injury needs to have occurred. If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of someone else, you likely have the grounds to file a claim. Whether the at-fault party is an individual, corporation, or government entity – all can be held liable.  Most commonly, injuries occur as a result of one of these types of accidents:

    Sometimes injuries can occur due to dog bites, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, or other catastrophic events. No matter how the injury occurs, there must be an at-fault party for your claim to be valid, whether they were directly at-fault or a contributor to your injury.

    Typically, claims are filed against insurance companies, or sometimes, directly against the responsible party themselves.

    Action Is Taken Against The
    Responsible Party.

    After an accident has occurred and an at-fault party has been identified, we will work to start piecing together all of the details of your case so that we can take action on your behalf. We are committed to preserving your rights and acting quickly so that we can be sure that the responsible party is held liable for the injuries they have inflicted.  If a family member has been the victim of a wrongful death accident, our group of personal injury attorneys will make sure that their voice is heard.

    A Claim Is Filed.

    While the process of filing a claim can be confusing, our skilled team of lawyers will shoulder the responsibility so that you can concentrate on your recovery. Our attorneys know that there are many circumstances that can contribute to an accident. We will investigate all of the details of your accident so that your claim gets off on the right foot. We will gather police reports, witness statements, photographs, surveillance videos, and medical records so that we have all of the information needed to achieve a swift and profitable outcome for your case.

    The Defendants Respond To Your Case.

    Once a claim is filed, the at-fault party is required to respond to the claim. Usually, when the responsible party becomes aware of the claim, their insurance company will review it and try to seek a settlement. Oftentimes, these settlements do not cover all of the present and future damages that a victim is subject to as a result of the accident. Our skilled team of personal injury lawyers will use our years of experience to break down the details of your suggested settlement and will advise you as to the best course of action. If a claim needs to go to court, our trial attorneys will take all of the steps possible to make sure that your case is won. We will keep you informed throughout the entire claims process and will advocate for your best interests every step of the way.

    You May Receive Compensation.

    If you hire us to represent you as your San Diego personal injury attorney, it is very likely that you will receive monetary compensation as a result of your claim. Every case is different, and no two cases have the same result. However, our team of trusted lawyers have a success record that is hard to beat. Our commitment to justice exceeds that of other firms in our county. When you partner with us you can guarantee that we will do everything we can within our power to get you the compensation that you deserve.

    Call us for your FREE Consultation 24/7: 858-551-2090 (Hablamos Español!)

    Does This Sound Like You?

    Misconceptions Commonly Made After a Car Accident

    There are a variety of misconceptions associated with how to handle a car accident after it has occurred. Two common misconceptions are that:

    1. it is too risky to sue an insurance company, and,
    2. that legal representation is not needed in order to file a claim.
      Don’t make either of these mistakes—here’s why.

    Worries Over
    Filing A Claim.

    Being in an accident is scary, no matter how severe it is. The aftermath of an accident is scary, too. Dealing with injuries, the cost of medical bills, loss of property, and lost wages can weigh heavily on your recovery process. However, filing a claim against the at-fault party and winning your case can reverse the financial burden that your accident has caused. When you hire our team of attorneys, you do not have to fight alone – we will fight for you.






    Self-representing When
    Filing A Car Accident Claim.

    Legal cases are more complex than they may seem. If you are considering the option of representing yourself, you may be unaware of important legal considerations that will prohibit how much you are able to recover if you choose to go it alone.  Here’s an example from one of our recent cases: When an insurance company offered $10,000.00 for a child injury case after initially denying it altogether, our attorney-partner Aaron Salomon increased the settlement to $345,000.00 after the family retained our firm for representation. These types of situations are all too common. Don’t let it happen to you. Call or email us first for a free consultation.

    Call us for your FREE Consultation 24/7: 858-551-2090 (Hablamos Español!)

    If you or a family member has been injured, call the lawyers at Pines Salomon, APC. There’s never been a better time than right now to call and speak to an attorney—FREE of charge. You have questions, now get the answers — call us today at 858-551-2090. (Hablamos Español!)