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If you have been injured in a car accident, it is essential to get the compensation that you deserve. Our San Diego car accident lawyers can help you through this process and work to make sure that you recoup all of your expenses.

A serious car accident affects everyone involved. Whether you are a driver, passenger, or family member of someone who has been in an accident, you can be a victim. Surviving a serious car accident requires more than just surviving your immediate injuries. Oftentimes, a full recovery can require you to take time off of work. This can deplete finances and put a strain on your entire family.

After a car accident, costs can pile up and cause significant financial issues. Recovering medical costs, rehabilitation costs and the cost of car repairs is oftentimes just the tip of the iceberg. A serious car accident can make you miss work or change the way you work moving forward. When your livelihood is affected, you need to understand what options are available for you – and we’re here to help. The Pines Salomon team of car accident attorneys will work to make sure that you can recover both physically and financially.

When you are involved in a serious car crash, the first thing on your mind is likely your health. While your health should always be your top priority, there are other losses that will emerge long after a crash has occurred. If someone else is at fault, they should be responsible for covering all of the immediate losses, as well as the future losses associated with your crash. Receiving full compensation for these losses can be difficult. Luckily, Pines Salomon knows how to get it done.

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We Handle All Types of Automobile Accidents

Our skilled team of San Diego lawyers can walk you through what is possible. A lawsuit may be necessary to ensure that you can recover all of the compensation that you deserve. Our attorneys will make sure that you can recover all of the different losses that can come from a serious car accident. This includes medical bills, lost wages, general damages, pain and suffering, punitive damages, and even general damages that cannot be calculated. If you have been a victim of any of these types of accidents, we are here to help.

We Will Get the Compensation You Deserve

Car accidents can be costly in the damage they cause to the vehicle and to the bodies of those injured. In addition to the costs required to repair a car or replace a totaled vehicle, injured parties typically will also have to face their medical expenses. Victims often require leave from work while they receive medical care and recover from their injuries, which can incur a loss of wages. When you work with Pines Salomon Law Firm, you can guarantee that you are working with San Diego lawyers who fully understand how to pursue a car accident lawsuit that will grant you the maximum compensation possible. This includes compensation for:

  • Loss of Earnings
  • Medical Bills
  • Pain & Suffering
  • Property Damage

San Diego Car Accident Lawyers that Know How Insurance Companies Work

Our personal injury lawyers have your best interests in mind. Our founder worked in the insurance industry and so we know how these companies operate. We are committed to representing the injured, not the insurance company. Our skilled group of San Diego lawyers will work to get you everything that you deserve when you need it the most. We have the tools needed to be able to make sure that insurance companies cannot withhold the damage awards that you are owed after a car accident. We are committed to negotiating in good faith and will not stop pursuing your case until you have received compensation for your accident.

Insurance companies are supposed to protect us from injury. If you are involved in a car accident that is not your fault, the responsible party’s insurance company should cover all of the losses that you encounter. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. If you have been involved in a serious car accident, legal representation is essential if you want to be sure that you will get compensated fairly.

Some insurance companies will deny payment or delay payment so that victims cannot access the money they need to recover. If you have been the victim of a serious car accident, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not the payment you receive is going to be able to cover all of the costs that you are going to incur. Accepting a low settlement should never be the answer.

Insurance companies have their own legal counsel to support them when claims are filed. That is why Pines Salomon is such an asset in car accident cases. Our car accident attorneys know the tricks of the trade when it comes to how insurance companies represent themselves. Our knowledge of these tactics makes our attorneys some of the best in the field. We know how to best represent the interest of the victims and will not rest until you have been compensated for what you have had to endure.

When it comes to the work that we do, we hold you, and not the profit that can be made from your suffering at the center of our work. Insurance companies often have a different mindset. By trying to maintain their bottom line, they will undercompensate victims and delay payments in order to maximize profits. If you are involved in a serious car accident, you need a knowledgeable car accident injury lawyer on your side to help combat the unfair pursuit of profit. That is where we come in. Our experienced car accident attorneys are here to make sure that you will not fall victim to partial payment.

Recovering Damages and Determining Who is at Fault

After a car accident, it is important to identify who the responsible party is. Many times this process is complicated and misleading. Getting police reports filed and having the correct contact and insurance information of the responsible party is just the start.

There are a few different types of parties who can be held responsible for a serious car accident. More often than not, reckless drivers are the culprit. Common traffic missteps can be considered reckless. Speeding, texting while driving, and changing lanes without looking are all considered reckless and negligent. Car accidents can also occur when organizations or city and state governments do not properly maintain roads, road signs, and traffic signals. There are even cases where a car company can be held responsible for an accident. If a car manufacturer creates a product that is faulty or defective, it puts consumers at risk. These risks can result in serious car accidents.

Uncovering all of the responsible parties that have contributed to your accident is an important part of being able to account for all of the compensation that you deserve. By partnering with Pines Salomon, you can rest assured that our San Diego car accident lawyers will be able to piece together all of the parts of your case so that you will get the compensation that is owed to you. Our car accident attorneys will investigate the details of your accident and reveal what missteps happened that resulted in your injuries. Whether it’s distracted driving, road construction, driving under the influence, or tailgating, our San Diego car accident lawyers will figure out the cause. Once a cause can be proven, insurance companies are obligated to respond.

In California, responsibility can be spread across a number of different responsible parties. This is called comparative fault. Unfortunately, some insurance companies will use this to their advantage. If they can prove that you are partially responsible for the accident, your compensation could be reduced by the proportion of the responsibility that you are found liable for. At Pines Salomon, we seek to make sure that even if fault is divided, it is not attributed to the victim. This way, you will receive full compensation.

The damages that you can recover are directly related to the claims that you are able to bring to the table after your accident. In order for a suit to be successful, you must prove the damages that you seek compensation for. If an insurance company attempts a settlement, this may mean that you are not receiving the full amount of compensation that you deserve.

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There are many different types of damages that your trusted Pines Salomon legal team will consider when weighing your case. These include the very straightforward costs associated with recovery, like immediate medical care and the costs associated with surgery. Future medical care costs are eligible for repayment too. These include ongoing medication, physical therapy, and the medical devices needed for recovery. If your car has been totaled in an accident, our legal team can seek repayment for repair or replacement of the vehicle. Psychological damages such as emotional distress, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life are also things that can be compensated.

While nothing can prevent a car accident from happening after it has already occurred, the law clearly states that victims have a right to be compensated for their suffering. The Pines Salomon Law Firm will be your advocate for the suffering that you have endured and will make sure that all of the damages that you claim are accounted for.

Why Hire Our Auto Accident Lawyers?

Since 1992, we’ve been high-achievers with a dedication to our clients—and our 5-star reviews attest to our commitment to winning cases. While no accident attorney can ever guarantee a win, we do promise to work our very hardest to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

DEVOTED TO YOUR CASE. Our San Diego lawyers will work diligently on your case to ensure the best possible outcome of your claim. We are easily accessible to our clients, and we spend time getting to know you and your case to the best of our ability. Our background work gathering all the details pertaining to your car accident ensures that no detail is missed. We understand the urgency you may be feeling—and we react accordingly. Our lawyers are the most devoted you’ll find in San Diego and that’s why so many residents turn to us for unmatched legal representation.

99 PERCENT SUCCESS RATE. If you have been injured in a car accident, you need lawyers who have a proven case of success. Our 99 percent success rate is just one of many reasons San Diegans turn to us for legal help following an accident.

MILLIONS RECOVERED. Our history of wins is unlike any other law firm in San Diego. We have won millions of dollars for our clients and we continue to set the bar for best practices in the area of car accident injury claims.

NO OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSES. Medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering—there’s no doubt that a car accident can be extremely stressful. Our lawyers take the stress off your plate so you can focus on your recovery. We’ll handle all aspects of your car accident injury claim with no out-of-pocket fees. You won’t pay us until we win your case.

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What if a Car Accident Aggravates an Existing Injury?

Often times, people think that they cannot make a claim if a previous injury was aggravated in a car accident.  In many cases, this is not true, and it may even make your case worth much more money.

Here is an example that our car accident lawyers have seen happen after a car accident.  Suppose that you recently had spinal cord surgery, and you get into a car accident.  Even though you were already experiencing pain in your neck and back, the pain worsened after the car accident.  Should you be able to recover for this? Yes, assuming that a qualified medical doctor can show that the car accident aggravated or made the injury worse.

As crazy as this seems, this law is called the “Egg Shell Doctrine”, and it applies to any personal injury that has been aggravated after a car accident.

Under the Egg Shell Doctrine, the responsible party must accept you in the physical and medical condition in which he or she was before the car accident.  It doesn’t matter if the injured person is young and athletic, has thinning bones, or even a weakened muscular condition.  If you are predisposed to bone fractures, like someone with osteoporosis would be, the responsible party still must pay for any injuries you suffer in a car accident.

What If I am Partially at Fault for an Auto Accident?

In a lot of car accidents, it’s unclear which driver is at fault or negligent.  Many state laws do not allow you to recover any money if you are even one percent at fault for a car accident. In California, our San Diego auto accident attorneys know that you can still receive auto accident settlement money if you are partially at fault thanks to what is referred to as comparative negligence.

Instead of barring you from recovering money, comparative negligence reduces your recovery proportionately to your degree (percentage) of fault, which in this case is an automobile accident.  Here are two basic scenarios to better explain exactly how comparative negligence works:

1.  One Party Is Completely at Fault for an Auto Accident

Let’s say that John and Mary get into a car accident.  Just before the accident, John runs a stop sign, and the authorities hold him 100 percent at fault for the accident.  John (and his auto insurance company) is thus responsible for 100 percent of Mary’s damages as well as money she should receive.

Comparative negligence does not apply to this auto accident scenario.

2.  More than One Party Is at Fault for an Auto Accident

Once again, John and Mary are involved in an auto accident.  John runs a stop sign, but this time Mary was also speeding.  Now, John is 80 percent at fault and Mary is 20 percent at fault for the accident.  Mary can only recover 80 percent of the money to which she is entitled.

If California did not follow the comparative negligence doctrine, Mary would not be permitted to receive any auto accident settlement money.

Do California Vehicle Codes Apply to Car Accidents?

The California Vehicle Code sets the laws and rules of the roadway, and our car accident lawyerswant you to know the basics.

In car accidents that are serious enough to cause personal injury, police will come out to the scene of the car accident and take down information.  In the police report, the responding officer usually indicates specific Vehicle Code violations (i.e. speeding, unsafe lane change and running a red light) that caused the car accident.  The California Vehicle Codes have some rules and regulations that you should know.

Major Car Accidents Often Come Under California Vehicle Codes

In car accidents with personal injury or crashes with an extensive amount of property damage, the California Vehicle Code requires you to file a Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) report.  This is report that your car accident lawyer can fill out on your behalf.  This DMV form is usually filled out along with another form that helps you get the responsible party’s car insurance policy information if none was provided at the scene of the car accident.

The Vehicle Code also determines the minimum amount of car insurance required to drive a car in California — usually $15,000 per injured person in a car accident or $30,000 for everyone injured if that person is deemed at fault for a car accident.  Our car accident lawyers in San Diego recommend that you choose a higher limit, which usually does not cost that much more and will benefit you greatly if you are ever involved in a personal injury claim.

The California Vehicle Code is a very useful tool for all California drivers, and an experienced car accident lawyer will use these laws to recover money on your behalf.

Can I Dispute an Inaccurate Police Report?

Depending upon the location and facts, the police may be summoned to the scene to do a report of a car accident.  While a police report is an important document, police report conclusions can often be wrong.  As a result, police reports are not admissible evidence, should your case go to court.

Our experienced San Diego auto accident attorneys know this and can help you dispute a police report that incorrectly places you at fault for an accident.

How Do You Disprove a Police Report for an Auto Accident?

The police officer’s conclusion to the cause of the accident is based upon many factors, including:

  • The police officer’s experience investigating auto accidents
  • Any training or any special courses (i.e. accident reconstruction) the police officer attended
  • Witness information, if any witnesses stayed around after the car crash
  • Statements of all parties involved with the auto accident
  • Evidence (skid marks, property damage or debris) of the auto accident.

Police officers are rarely witnesses to car accidents, let alone were present when car accidents occurred.  The police only have so many patrol officers available at any given time and it may take awhile for them arrive at the scene of the car accident.  The big question is if the officer is qualified to properly fill out an accident report?

With a good auto accident attorney on your side, an incorrect police report should be just a bump in the road to your settlement.

Can I Hold the Government Liable for Auto Accidents?

This very general FAQ is limited to a California governmental entity (such as a local county or city government) and will not go into claims against the United States government.  If you believe your car accident was caused by a government vehicle or government entity, we strongly recommend that you consult with an experienced auto accident attorney.

Claims against the government have different rules and time limits (statute of limitations).  When making a claim against the government, you need to be aware of two things:

  • 1. You must file a special government claim form in its entirety.
  • 2. There is a much shorter time limit for a lawsuit against the government than a normal personal injury lawsuit.

Different Rules For Government Claims and Auto Accidents

One major difference between an auto accident claim against the California government and a private citizen is the legal time limit, or statute of limitations, you have to file a lawsuit.  This type of claim must be presented to the correct governmental entity and according to that entity’s guidelines, usually within six months from the date of the car accident.  Furthermore, each governmental entity has their own special claim forms, procedural requirements and guidelines, and the six month time limit is entirely different from the usual two year time limit you have to file a personal injury lawsuit against a private citizen.

In addition to the six month government claim statute of limitations, there are also special rules that state how long you have to file a lawsuit if your government claim is rejected or denied.  Generally, your government claim is denied if you do not receive a response within 45 days of presenting the claim.  If your claim is denied in writing or deemed denied for lack of a government response, one usually has six months from the date of denial to file a lawsuit in the proper court of law, even if it is before the one year statute of limitations.

There may be special circumstances that allow you to present the government claim and file a lawsuit past the six month deadline, but even the outside deadline to present the claim and lawsuit is usually no longer than one year.

Government Claims Are Difficult to Prove

The first challenge is proving whether or not a governmental entity is actually involved or has some responsibility for a car accident.  Some government workers drive in marked government vehicles (patrol cars and cars with government license plates), but other government employees have their own personal non-marked cars.

Another obstacle for government claims comes in cases where you must prove that your car accident was caused by the government’s failure to keep a public area safe.  If the government failed to properly maintain a roadway or area, a detailed investigation should be immediately conducted to determine which governmental entity (such as a state, city or county) owns or has control of the area where the auto accident occurred.  Sometimes there is a history of automobile accidents in the same exact area in which your car crash took place.

Also, some businesses may not appear to be owned by a government entity (such as ambulances, public buses or State property).  Even if a government name isn’t obvious, it could still be hidden in special documents — yet another reason to have a proper auto accident investigation.

Can I File a Claim against the Police for an Auto Accident?

In California, the police usually cannot be held responsible for personal injuries, property damage or any other damages that occur during their course of duty because they may be immune from auto accident liability.  This protection applies to many different situations and to other government agencies in similar situations (i.e. ambulances and fire trucks).

While the police enjoy immunity for most car accidents, there are often other parties you can hold responsible.  For instance, if a police officer collides with your car while in a high speed chase, you might be able to hold the person driving away from the police responsible.

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