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The body is an incredible machine – powerful, agile, and responsive. Every day, our bodies complete tremendous feats that we often take for granted – actions as simple as walking, breathing, and talking. It is only through coordination of the body’s intricate structures that these actions are made possible.

However, the human body is not immune to injury. Life can change in an instant. For victims of paralysis, this couldn’t be more true.


When a person experiences a physical trauma that results in paralysis due to a spinal cord injury, the automatic processes that the body is used to can come to a halt. Simple movements can become impossible. Sadly, paralysis can affect every facet of life.

If you are suffering from paralysis as a result of an accident, you must seek justice. Our lawyers have helped injured people just like you hold at-fault parties responsible in the court of law. Though no case can ever be guaranteed, rest assured that we will work our hardest to win your case so that you can recover the maximum allowable compensation.

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san diego paralysis lawyerTYPES OF PARALYSIS

There are a number of situations that can lead to paralysis. While tragic accidents can cause paralysis, sometimes it is a result of genetic conditions or disease. When someone is paralyzed, it is a result of a dysfunction in the brain. When spinal cord injuries occur, this can disrupt the pathway between the brain and the body, and can sever the communication lines required for basic human function.

In most cases, spinal cord injuries are “incomplete,” meaning that it does not affect all messages to and from the brain. Incomplete spinal injuries allow a person to retain control or feeling in some parts of their body. Complete spinal cord injuries feature total compression of the spinal cord, blocking brain messaging to and from the affected areas of the body. An individual has restricted movement control and may not have any sensation in those areas.

Stroke continues to be the leading cause of paralysis. The following lists the next most common causes: Car accidents, slip and fall accidents, catastrophic injuries, sports accidents and injuries, abuse cases of neglect and/or violence.

Types of paralysis caused by these kinds of accidents include:


Mono- means”one,” and -plegia comes from the Greek word plḗssein which means to strike. -plegia as a suffix translates to paralysis. Monoplegia is the name given when use of one limb is lost to paralysis. Feeling is retained in other parts of the body as well as the ability to control movement. Monoplegia is frequently caused by conditions such as cerebral palsy, genetic conditions, or traumatic brain injury, strokes, nerve damage or other debilitating. Monoplegia may be only temporary – as is often seen following brain injury or stroke incidents.


Hemi-  is a Greek-derived prefix meaning “half.” Hemiplegia is a type of paralysis that affects one half of an individual’s body, usually limbs of the same side. People with hemiplegia often have cerebral palsy as well.


Though Para- roughly translates to “beside”, paraplegia is the name given to define paralysis of the lower half of the body. Paralysis can affect both of the legs, the hips, and the lower back area. Individuals may report some feeling in the affected areas, though sensation is usually minimal.

Paraplegia is typically permanent. While many people diagnosed with paraplegia can have a wide range in abilities, physical therapy is often helpful in recovering movement or improving dexterity.

While other causes can result in paraplegia, including stroke, brain tumors, brain injury, lack of oxygen, spinal cord lesions, and infection, spinal cord injuries are the most common cause.


Quad- is a prefix meaning “four.” Quadriplegia is the name given for paralysis that affects all four limbs and the midsection of the body. Quadriplegia has been defined as paralysis below the neck. The degree of severity varies from case to case, though some individuals have reported being able to feel sensation in areas of the body. While the paralysis restricts most movement, physical therapy can improve motor control and in some cases, individuals may be able to regain some or all below-the-neck movement.

Quadriplegia is most commonly caused by car accidents. Other accidents that might occur in from boating, playing sports, or slipping and falling can also result in quadriplegia. In some cases, though, quadriplegia can be caused by birth injuries, strokes, or improper drug use.


There’s no doubt that living with paralysis changes the course of an individual’s life. Victims can lose their independence and are often unable to perform basic maneuvers. However, paralysis does not end someone’s life. If you or a family member experienced paralysis and you believe it was the fault of another person or corporation, you may have the right to seek damages against the responsible party.


For over twenty-five years, we have helped win cases for countless individuals affected by paralysis. Our personal injury attorneys leverage our tenacity and legal expertise to fight on behalf of injured people just like you. Our success in helping people find justice has elevated us as one of San Diego’s most respected law firms specializing in paralysis cases.

If you or someone you care has suffered an accident resulting in paralysis, it is incredibly important to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. A good personal injury lawyer will secure all of your legal rights and help you file a claim. We want to bring your case to justice with as little stress as possible, which is why we work on a contingency fee basis – this means that we don’t collect any money until we win your case.

Call us today at 1-858-551-2090 and speak to a San Diego lawyer who can start on your paralysis case right away. Call now or submit your case details online and an attorney will get back to you in less than 24 hours. You only get one chance at justice—make it count.

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Mr. Pines asked me whether I was in the same shape as before my accident – this I had to deny. My back was still hurting and he stated that, if I would accept his services, he would ensure that I would get the therapy I needed […] and that all bills would be paid and my health restored. Michael Pines and his team have kept this promise.

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My friend recommended Michael Pines to me and I was super happy. They took very good care of me, treated me very nice, and I got a very nice check. I had a lot of back pain and the doctor they referred me to helped me so much! I didn’t have to pay anything when I was getting treatment. I was so happy, that I’ve referred another friend to Michael pines.

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En las oficinas del abogado Michael Pines recibi la ayuda que mas necesitaba cuando sufri mi accidente de automovil, todo el personal me ayudo con mucha pasiencia y respondio a todas mis dudas. Resolvieron mi caso muy rapido, me ayudaron con mi doctor y ahora puedo seguir con mi tranquilida. Gracias Michael Pines y a todo su staff por su ayuda.

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They truly put my interest first and were very sincere.

As soon as I met Mr. Pines my nerves immediately went away. He looked at my case and assured me that everything will be ok. I was sent to the best doctors who truly had my best interest in mind. All of the Attorneys and staff made my recovery stress free by not having to worry about paying for my treatment upfront.They were always there to answer my questions.

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Michael worked non-stop, nothing deterred him

After falling on a cruise ship and being emergency evacuated to a hospital in Mexico, I was scared and needed help, especially because I am 89 years old. Michael worked non-stop, through the weekend, communicating internationally with stubborn insurance personnel who tried to put up roadblocks every step of the way.

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