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Disfigurement injuries are particularly debilitating and can severely alter a victim’s life. Disfigurement can have a range of causes including birth defects and burn incidents. Medical malpractice and poor product design can also cause an injury that leads to disfigurement. The most common cause, however, is an injury that results from a car accident. If you have suffered a disfigurement at the fault of another party, our talented team of San Diego lawyers will work with you and your family to build your case and make sure you are compensated for your injuries.

While any injury can have lasting effects on the victim, disfigurement can take a heavy toll on an individual’s emotional state as well as the physical. After the injury, tasks that were once easy can become difficult, and it can take years to therapy to begin recovering from the emotional impact of disfigurement. Individuals who have suffered from disfigurement know that often the emotional wounds are more difficult to heal than the physical, especially when disfigurement alters the appearance of the face. 

Our personal injury lawyers understand the complexities of disfigurement and will work to make sure that you are compensated for all of the damages that the injury has caused and will cause.

After a disfigurement injury, you need someone on your side. For over 30 years, we have fought for injured people just like you. We understand the physical and emotional weight of your injury and we are here to help. Call us anytime, 24/7, for a free consultation with a proven, dedicated San Diego disfigurement lawyer who will fight for justice on your behalf: 1-858-551-2090.

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Disfigurements are rarely the fault of the injured. Identifying the responsible party can be a long and arduous process. If you think that you may have a case against a negligent person or company, our lawyers will work to uncover all of the details of your injury in order to hold the at-fault party responsible. We will investigate every facet of your claim, and we will help you identify the responsible party. The most common disfigurement cases that we deal with include:


Car accidents are the leading cause of disfigurement injury. High impact car accidents can cause injuries that can all lead to permanent scarring, amputation and even loss of skin or bone.


Burns are one of the most difficult injuries to overcome. Burns can occur due to fire or chemicals—and in cases where burn incidents were preventable, affected individuals may have a claim against the responsible party.


When doctors and surgeons fail in diligence, they can make mistakes and cause injury to their patients. This can result in injuries that lead to disfigurement. It doesn’t matter whether a procedure is elective (such as is often the case for plastic surgery procedures), urgent, or emergency – a case may be brought against a negligent doctor who caused a disfigurement.


Dog bite injuries can cause permanent scarring, nerve damage, disfigurement, and even loss of extremities. While large and aggressive breeds often pose a greater risk, any dog breed can be responsible for dog bites. 


Faulty products are often the result of poor testing or careless product management. Sadly, these products can cause irreparable damage to consumers if something goes wrong. When product failure causes a disfigurement injury, the affected individual may find themselves facing medical bills to care for their injury, lost wages in their time off from work for medical care and recovery, and the cost of their pain and suffering.


At best, slip and fall accidents might leave scrapes and bruises. At worst, they can result in broken bones, open wounds, and lasting disfigurement. In most cases, a slip or fall that results in disfigurement is due to faulty walkways, poorly planned construction sites, or poorly maintained flooring. Our team of personal injury attorneys will work with you to identify who is at fault and help you file a claim in order to get the compensation that you deserve.


The stakes can be even higher – and more tragic – in the case of children’s disfigurement, especially when the injury could have been prevented. When a child experiences a disfiguring injury, their entire future will change. Birth defects can also be the cause of disfigurement. If it can be found that the birth defect was due to negligence, a claim may be filed against the responsible party.


There is a lot of groundwork – and paperwork – involved in filing a claim against the party responsible for a disfigurement injury. Luckily, our San Diego attorneys are here to remove the stress of a legal case and will be your advocate for compensation.

When you choose Pines Saloman Injury Attorneys, APC, our attorney will do all the work necessary to file your claim. Because we work on a contingency basis, we ask for no money upfront, and we only collect if we win your case.

In over 30 years of serving victims of personal injury, we have built a reputation as trustworthy experts – a reputation we have earned from our results. 

When hiring a disfigurement lawyer at our firm, you can expect:

  1. An easier claims process. We deliver full-service – our lawyers will take every step necessary to ensure your case has a positive outcome.
  2. Compassionate yet unwavering legal representation. Our attorneys are known throughout San Diego as the best in disfigurement representation because we truly care about you and your case. We do not consider you to be clients, we consider you to be family. We will bring the tenacity and expertise you need in a lawyer, along with the human element of care and compassion to your case. Our video testimonials, Yelp recommendations, and Google reviews are San Diego’s best for personal injury representation.
  3. Maximum compensation for your injuries if your case is won. You are entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, and we will fight hard to get you every last penny. We work with diligence and precision to cover every detail in your case to file a thorough claim. Our lawyers will make every effort to ensure your case receives the maximum possible compensation allowed by law.


The disfigurement lawyers at Pines Salomon Injury Attorneys, APC are San Diego’s most trusted legal team in personal injury. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, our lawyers are here to help.

Our attorneys are available 24/7 including weekends and holidays. Call now to get all of your questions answered for free. You won’t pay anything to speak to our lawyers. We’ll help you with the next steps and are committed to being by your side throughout the entire process. Call now: 1-858-581-2090. Or, click here to submit your case details online.

Petra Heim-Rollan

Michael Pines and his team have kept their promise.

Mr. Pines asked me whether I was in the same shape as before my accident – this I had to deny. My back was still hurting and he stated that, if I would accept his services, he would ensure that I would get the therapy I needed […] and that all bills would be paid and my health restored. Michael Pines and his team have kept this promise.

Herminio Salamante

I cannot say enough good things about my experience

My friend recommended Michael Pines to me and I was super happy. They took very good care of me, treated me very nice, and I got a very nice check. I had a lot of back pain and the doctor they referred me to helped me so much! I didn’t have to pay anything when I was getting treatment. I was so happy, that I’ve referred another friend to Michael pines.

Veronica Montes

Gracias Michael Pines y a todo su staff por su ayuda

En las oficinas del abogado Michael Pines recibi la ayuda que mas necesitaba cuando sufri mi accidente de automovil, todo el personal me ayudo con mucha pasiencia y respondio a todas mis dudas. Resolvieron mi caso muy rapido, me ayudaron con mi doctor y ahora puedo seguir con mi tranquilida. Gracias Michael Pines y a todo su staff por su ayuda.

Jacqui Murray

They truly put my interest first and were very sincere.

As soon as I met Mr. Pines my nerves immediately went away. He looked at my case and assured me that everything will be ok. I was sent to the best doctors who truly had my best interest in mind. All of the Attorneys and staff made my recovery stress free by not having to worry about paying for my treatment upfront.They were always there to answer my questions.

Vivian Finch

Michael worked non-stop, nothing deterred him

After falling on a cruise ship and being emergency evacuated to a hospital in Mexico, I was scared and needed help, especially because I am 89 years old. Michael worked non-stop, through the weekend, communicating internationally with stubborn insurance personnel who tried to put up roadblocks every step of the way.

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